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History of the Pont Levis Hotel, from Combes Dairy to the present day

All the places are more or less full of stories, and I knew that the Pont Levis Hotel was the heir, with an already gastronomic imprint in its DNA.

In 1971, Henri Pautard opened the Pont Levis Inn, and maintained the gastronomic reputation of his establishment for 25 years. Then a museum of the model and the Middle Ages had succeeded him before the current hotel was built in 2013.

Until the exhumation of an old cardboard box

A few weeks ago, by putting away an old forgotten cardboard box, an old cardboard pouch, all dusty, gave me some photos, like an echo of the last century.

It took me a few minutes to make the connection between these photos of an old dairy, these old cars, and where I was.

Photos of the Combes dairy, the 18th century "Green Castle", owned by Henri Combes, before the establishment of the inn.

What an atmosphere and what a contrast! Light smile, imagining the dairy's daily life and its flock, just behind my chair at the reception of a 4-star hotel, 50 years later, where cows and hay boards were supposed to be ;-)


Véronique Pierre





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